Wednesday, August 24, 2016

#1- (Appt. 505)

The day started with a whisper.
In the ten minute interim between the snooze button and the second alarm, Ridley Aberdeen laid in bed listening. And a whisper in her ear told her to do it. The whisper must have snuck into the apartment between the sounds of the rain and thunder. She made a mental note to step up the sound security.
Ridley stretched an exaggerated, 5:45 AM kind of stretch. But she quickly prompted herself to stay alert, for after this week’s visit to the library, Rudyard Kipling had turned her into a man-cub, and transformed her apartment into the fierce jungle. But alas, the sleep cleared from her eyes and she was in real life, under her sheets, on her mattress on the floor of her bedroom.
First thing in the morning, she looked just a little bit too weary from her nine years of living. Sprawled out on a shabby old mattress, all pale and scrawny limbs, her choppy, black bangs stuck to her forehead with sweat. She admired the little white stains under the arms of her grey wife-beater tank top with curiosity- she’d just recently reached the age where she had to start wearing deodorant.
After a brief moment of hesitation, and a quick sigh to help her gain her composure, she willed herself off of the floor and over to the window. Ridey rubbed her eyes and searched the sky for animals in the clouds. But this morning the clouds were black and jagged looking, not the kind for cloud animals- cloud monsters, maybe. That thought gave her a kind of funny feeling, but oh well, she should probably start getting ready.
So she scrambled into the bathroom. The shower beckoned to her, but the shower running seemed much too similar to the rain, and Ridley couldn’t have any more whispers sneaking in. She decided that she could go without a shower this morning. Thoughts of the shower and the whisper made her little hands the tiniest but shaky, but Ridley wasn’t the type of girl to let such lapses in character last for long. In a very adult manner, she leaned over the sink and splashed cold water on her face- a habit she unknowingly picked up from seeing it in movies.


  1. I think your character has a really interesting perspective because of her age and I'd really like to see her interact with other people. Maybe start an entry where she's in a public place like the grocery store or a park and set it up so that the reader gets a feel for how she communicates with other people and carries herself. I think her internal monologue is so fascinating and I'd love to hear her external ones as well. I'd really like to know more about her living situation (who she lives with, what kind of decoration/ paint color is in the apartment, whether she cooks for herself or fends for herself), that kind of thing.

  2. Hey! I'll try and get my post up of our interaction sometime tomorrow or Friday if that's cool??

    1. Yeah totally! I'm excited to read it

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