Sunday, April 30, 2017

#6- Crying in the Fairy City

Today was an anniversary. And even though it was a Saturday, Ridley found herself at school. Or rather, in the alley behind the elementary school. Some days you just have to get away from your dingy apartment. Especially days like today.
Ridley had given up on wearing the locket most of the time, but today wasn’t a day for giving up on things. Mother taught her better than that. It was a cliche gold, heart shaped locket, and she couldn’t keep her fingers from constantly fidgeting with it today.
She sat there on the sidewalk, when suddenly there was a click, and she was surrounded by fairy lights. She took it all in, the twinkling string lights illuminating tiny twig houses, the most beautifully ornate structures, with delicate leaf roofs and round doors. An entire city hidden in this little alley, an edifice to all that is microscopically magical. It was breathtaking.
That’s when Ridley lost her composure. Tears thundered out of her and her tiny frame shook with sobs. Four years ago today, Ariel Lee Aberdeen died. And Ridley’s dad still wouldn’t tell her what took her mother. Four years later and Ridley still didn’t know how or why. And so here she was, crying in the fairy city.

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